Saturday, December 5, 2009

Building Readerships

Most writers are reasonably adept at conveying an idea, or thought, or even a series of thoughts and ideas that let the reader understand what it is they want to convey. But, it takes a better writer to project his or her personality through a written piece in addition to the ideas. And it's this kind of "plus" writing that I think keeps people reading stuff like Blogs and the myriad of largely anonymous material posted throughout the internet.

Well, I'm not so good at writing beyond getting my idea across, so I started to wonder - how else could a writer like myself become less anonymous, more personable, when not blessed with great skills of emotation? (I just made that word up, BTW)

My answer was "pictures". So as a trial, from time to time I think I'll start posting some personal pics to help any readers I have get to know me a bit better and perhaps stay engaged longer.  I'll still stay on the topics of water, groundwater management and the like, but perhaps with a little less formality.  I don't suppose it could hurt any. 

BTW, I'm the skinny guy on the left.  The other person is Anderson "The Spider" Silva from Brazil, current reigning world champion mixed martial artist.  I was promoting a fight between him and me, but he declined.  Worried I suspect.  Actually, Mr. Silva was an unbelievably cordial person who is an extraordinary ambassador of the sport.  I'm not personally an MMA maniac, but my son-in-law is.  He was putting on a fight venue to which I was invited and this was a photo op I just couldn't pass up.  Pic is dated April 3, 2009, taken in Wichita, KS. in an Old Town sports establishment.

What's this got to do with water?  Nothing, but hopefully my next piece will be just a tad more interesting to you.

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