Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Groundwater Folks Convene - GMDA

The Groundwater Management Districts Association (GMDA) will hold its Summer meeting in Little Rock, AR on June 6-8, 2010 at the Capital Hotel.  You are invited to attend and meet a lot of the groundwater folks from Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, Mississippi and a smattering of other places where local GMDs exist.

During the session, which is refreshingly informal (and I mean this literally) each state will have a presentation on:  a) irrigation methods in their state; 2) how to be more efficient with irrigation; and 3) how conservation programs contribute to reducing groundwater use.  As an added bonus, Keith Admire from the NRCS National Water Management Center will also present.

There'll also be presentations from: Todd Fugitt, Arkansas Water Resources; Richard Coupe, USGS Groundwater Modeling; and the Corps of Engineers on the Lower Arkansas River.  Many don't realize the extent to which Arkansas irrigates from groundwater - it's an eye-popping irrigation state in terms of acres irrigated.

Contact (email) Judith McGaugh for more information.  Also consider visiting the GMDA Website for information on GMDA or this conference.

Looks like the YMD Joint Water Management District has put together another great session.  

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