Monday, May 17, 2010

Pay Attention All Golf Nuts!

I ended up today with 2 all-access Patron Passes AND 2 single-day practice round tickets for the Memorial Golf Tournament at Muirfield Country Club in Dublin, Ohio in early June. Yes, Tiger Woods and all the usual suspects will be there.  Since I can't use these tickets, I posted them on eBay this afternoon.  If you're a golf fan I'd encourage you to bid on these splendid tickets - if not for you and your wife (or golfing buddy) then for me!

It's my first foray into selling anything on eBay, so I'll probably get taken to the woodshed over the deal, but one guy's loss is another's gain I suppose. Yeah, I just checked and there have been no bids yet - but there are still 4 days and 18 hours left!

My plan "B" if they don't sell is to convince the groundwater district board that the groundwater conditions in Dublin, Ohio must be checked out to insure their sustainability.  Yeah, that should work!

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