Friday, July 16, 2010

Words, Words, Words

OK, I'm a sucker for word games and such.  Those who have been following me on Twitter probably already know this from my water "Anagram" posts.  I have found two more word thingies that are pretty cool.  First is "Wordle" - a web site where you can make word clouds from your own text, such as this kansas groundwater cloud I just made.  You can control the colors, the nature of the cloud, the font and much more - so you get just that right look.  The more text you put in, the busier the cloud.

I also just started participating in Artwiculate - an internet word game that is creative.  Artwiculate provides a bodacious word every day that you are to use in context in a tweet.  Everytime someone votes for your tweet on the Artwiculate page, or retweets your tweet in Twitter, you get a point. At the end of the 24 hour period, most points (cleverest tweet using the word?) wins.  My first attempt yesterday on the word "Asinine" netted me a top 20 finish.  I hate to say it, but I used an anagram to get 18th place - 40 votes.  My tweet was:  "Asinine = is inane (an anagram for those who don't recognize one)".  Today's word is Debacle.  Vote for my entry if you get a chance. 

This stuff keeps me busy when Twitter and the Blogsphere is slow.  Several of my Twitter followers would probably do pretty well at these sites!  You know who you are - AO, GL, JF, & MR.


  1. Ha ha! Whoa, I should retire from Artwiculate now, the competition is getting too intense!

  2. Gayle: What a surprise. I didn't even know you were doing artwiculate, but you came immediately to mind as I considered the possibilities! And my hunch was right - wasn't it?

    You are a formidable wordmaster, so it is I who should consider retirement. HA! Really, I didn't know...