Thursday, August 19, 2010

Water Anagrams I've Collected

Recently Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute posted on his blog a list of movies that had water themes. I enjoyed the listing very much. For those who like to see collections, it's an interesting and recommended read.

I have been maintaining a listing of water-related items on the GMD 4 webpage as well - including movies and television shows featuring water wells (a bit more focused than Peter's list, but none-the-less related), water quotes, poems, acronyms, and more.  I also collect and create water-related anagrams (an anagram being a new statement by simply rearranging the exact same letters).  Following are some of my favorite water anagrams:

artesian well = arisen all wet

bottled water = bold, wet treat

California water = canal ratifier, ow!  

capillary fringe = a panegyric frill

cellulosic ethanol = coalescent hull oil

chemigation = the magic ion

Clean Water Act = enact law - react

climate change = chemical agent?

Colorado River = cool river road

Contamination = action on it, man!

desalination = it's an ion deal

dewater = water Ed

divination (dowsing) = I nod it vain

drainage basin = I snag rain bead

eutrophications = I trace pooh units

Great Lakes water = reeks a law target

groundwater = our grand wet

groundwaters = God's water urn

groundwater law = lunge toward war

groundwater well = narrow dew gullet

hydraulic fracking = acrid chalking fury

hydrologist = do thy log, sir

hydroseism = my dish rose

infiltration = initial front

Kansas groundwater = ask a dowser an' grunt

Lake Mead water = a wet-keel drama

managed water = men wager data

Ogallala Aquifer = legal lair of aqua

peripheral canal = Help! Can repair LA

point of diversion = devine profit soon

reverse osmosis = o', severs isomers

riparian doctrine = periodic rain rant

Salton Sea = a neat loss

save water now = savor wet anew

static water level = vacillate erst wet

sustainable water = banal, tease-us writ

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea = huge water tale stuns. End had you tense.

watershed = earth's dew; (or) draws thee; (or) deer swath; (or) shared wet

water diversion = wet ions arrived

water management = get armament anew

water markets = wet, tsar maker

water policy = lawyer topic; (or) wiry ole pact; (or) try, wail, cope

water politics = capitols write

water rationing = wager it not rain

water resource = wet our careers is the link to the GMD 4 webpage for movies, anagrams, acronyms, etc. As Peter asked, if you have others and don't mind sharing, please feel free to send them along. WAB

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