Monday, February 21, 2011

The A,B,C's of Water Products - NOT...

I ran across a really interesting website on the psuedoscience of water - a listing of those water-related products that sound just scientific enough to catch your attention, but are hyped aggressively enough to catch a portion of your paycheck.  The website is hosted by Stephen Lower, a retired faculty member of the Dept of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby / Vancouver, Canada.  He just hates to see chemistry misused to fool or bilk folks.

One of my favorites is "Hexag0n Water" in the structured water section -- 
Hexag0n’s EC3000 Energy Converter is packed with bio-ceramic beads which emit FIR (Far Infrared Rays), a form of natural electromagnetic waves, that vibrate and energize the water, mimicking what happens when natural spring water splashes over rocks and natural magnetic fields.
There are plenty of examples - literally from A to Z.  If you need some lighter reading fare, give this page a look:  If you've bought any of these, you may want to ignore this website, or not...

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