Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Interesting Fence Posts in Kansas

I ran across an interesting article on Kansas' famed post rock fences that was written by Eric Durbin (Durbin Post Rock Article) that I am choosing to pass along instead of my usual water post.  I recommend you read this short article if you don't know about these unique features.

According to the Post Rock Museum these are really heavy posts - usually weighing from 250 to 450 pounds each.  The few I have wrestled with I'm certain were closer to the 450 pounders, so I don't know how accurate the website is!

It took 90 of these per 1/2 mile, or 360 to fence in a quarter section.  At 25 posts per day, I'd say the Summer's work schedule was pretty well set for several of the ranch hands.  For more information visit the Post Rock Museum Link.  Enjoy.

P.S. (added 6/11/2011)  There actually is a water connection to this blog post, too - sorta.  When first quarried, the limestone posts are relatively soft due to the soil moisture they contain. They must be set out to cure (dry out and harden) before they can be used for posts or other building needs.

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