Friday, December 28, 2012

Groundwater Management Districts Association

GMDA is about to convene its 38th Annual Conference in Austin, Texas on January 9, 2013.  The venue headquarters will be the Crowne Plaza Austin.

The theme this year is "Local Water Planning" and is being hosted by the YMD Joint Water Management District in Stoneville, MS.  You can always count on YMD's Dean Pennington and Judith McGaugh to put on a great conference with interesting tours and talks.  We expect no less this year in Texas.

From the conference brochure:  "Speakers from Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Mississippi will discuss local water planning.  How do we work within each state's water laws and water resources to find solutions for water supply?  Among others, the program will include:  

Wayne Bossert, Northwest Kansas GMD4, will describe a new Local Enhanced Management Area in Kansas.  

Ron Bishop, Central Platte NRD, will tell about integrated Management Plans used in Nebraska.  

Robert Mace, Texas Water Development Board, will give an overview of the role the Board plays in planning.  

Jeannie Barlow, USGS in Mississippi, will describe the characteristics of the alluvial aquifers to help us understand how they are different from other aquifers."

And of course there will be other presentations and discussions as well, and don't forget the networking - worth the price of admission by anyone's account.  For more information, visit the GMDA website.  You can also give me a call.

I'm just wondering what kind of competition Dean and Judith might have ginned up this year.  Whatever it is, I hope I'm not a contestant again!

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