Monday, June 10, 2013

GMDA Summer Conference - Colorado Springs

GMDA is the Groundwater Management Districts Association - a group of districts and associated entities that have policy responsibilities for groundwater resources in the various states.  The Summer conference (June 2-4) had a number of very interesting topics and speakers this year - from climate change and groundwater impacts to making the most of water resource advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C.

Several of my favorites were the climate change talk of Bruce Bacon, CEO of AMCi; Missouri River Transfer Proposal by Mark Rude, Director of Kansas GMD 3; and the Southern Delivery System of Colorado Springs by Mark Pifher, permitting manager of Colorado Springs Utilities.

Most of you missed this event, I know, because I didn't see you there. But not to worry, the talks (most of them anyway) will soon be posted on the GMDA website for review and contemplation.  There is also membership information there which you should consider.  How can you possibly consider yourself a groundwater resource person without joining GMDA?

Anyway, the 2014 Winter Conference (39th) will be in Biloxi, MS in January (final dates will be set soon).  Why not come on down and join us?  Bookmark the website and check it in a couple of weeks for more details.

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