Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The South Platte River; Affected by Neighboring Flooding

In the last week, parts of Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska are experiencing the affects of heavy, long term rain fall and river flooding.  Many Colorado communities have experienced neighborhood evacuations and extensive damage to residential and agricultural areas.  So far, throughout the state's affected areas, spanning from the foothills resting town of Boulder CO all the way East to Greeley and as far North as Laporte CO, there have been 8 confirmed casualties from the flooding as well as a reported 658 people missing state wide.  As in the west, canyons have been flooded and roadways destroyed, Nebraska's South Platte River is expecting to feel a bit of the impact as the National Weather Service has predicted that possible flooding of the South Platte River will begin Wednesday and likely continue for several days.  although the affected area is doubted to reach many residential areas, agricultural areas are thought to be possibly affected.  National Weather Service Meteorologist Bill Taylor indicated that it is difficult to estimate the degree of flooding possible along the South Platte, because of the several gauges that have been damaged by debris, upstream of Nebraska.

He went on to explain that water levels could reach record highs in areas that run along the South Platte River and Interstate 76.  Towns such as North Platte and sections of Lincoln County are preparing as the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross send teams to Ogallala to prepare shelters if necessary.  With North Platte resting only a skip and a jump from the Kansas border, it leaves many wondering if Northwest Kansas will see any impact of this flooding.  Once again, mother nature has chosen to remind us of her mighty powers, and we feel deeply for our neighboring agricultural communities and residential areas that have been affected.

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