Thursday, February 6, 2014

They're Setting Up Hubs!

This week the Obama Administration announced that they would be engaging in the creation of "Climate hubs" which will provide information to rural communities that are currently facing extreme weather conditions such as drought and flooding.  The hubs will be sponsored through the U.S. Department of Agriculture and will provide scientific information for farmers, ranchers etc to tap into when facing the risks associated with climate change...

"For generations, America's farmers, ranchers and forest landowners have innovated and adapted to challenges," Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilasack said.  However, he said, rural communities face more complex challenges today because of climate change.  "USDA's Climate hubs are part of our board commitment to developing the next generation of climate solutions so that our agricultural leaders have the modern technologies and tools they need to adapt and succeed in the face of changing climate," Vilsack said. 

The Hubs will be in Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Colorado, Oklahoma, Oregon and New Mexico.  Additional "sub-hubs" will be set up in various other states, including Michigan and California.  I am curious as to the roles that these hubs will play, reports have indicated that they will be working with state and local governments before making their "suggested adaptions." Not sure about this one folks.


  1. it is good that they act against floods but what they will do agains water shortage


  2. Thank's for sharing great ideas. It helps to understand the nature and human beings need. Now a day's water becoming polluted so we need to drink clean and safe water. And nature giving warning to the world don't waste water because it needs for all.