Monday, October 6, 2014

Angry Irish

The Emerald Isle, with its damp climate, extensive greenery and abundant water supply has truly never experienced a true water shortage, and has many local thriving fish and wildlife habitats.  But currently, people of the town of Boyle, in County Roscommon in the western part of Ireland are having to boil their tap water due to the fact that it is practically toxic to drink.  The water supply has been contaminated by a new bacteria that the town’s out-of-date water treatment plants cannot purify.  The consequence to drinking the water, “You’re going to be violently sick for 24 hours-it’s as simple as that.  It happened to me twice.  But not a third time” Sean O’Dowd was quoted saying as he and many others were photographed stalking up on bottled water supplies.  The contamination is caused by a severe downfall in the quality of local water infrastructures, due mostly to the lack of investment on part of the local government following the 2010 economic collapse of Ireland.  Irish Water, the company chosen to take over the once locally operated water system plans on spending over 2 billion Euros or 2.5 billion US dollars to bring the waterworks up to safe standards.  This project is going to be supported by issuing a never before seen water fee for all water usage.  Up until now water infrastructure and management was funded from central and local government taxes, now households will be responsible for paying for the water that they use in their homes and businesses, a procedure we have long become accustomed to in the U.S.  “We have a big problem in terms of our infrastructure-it’s not at a state that’s fit to meet the needs of a modern economy,” says Irish Water’s Elizabeth Arnett.  


  1. When will you be doing another article on this subject? 

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  2. That's shocking! Did the local gov. step in? If you're interested in water testing, in particular drink water - you should definitely look at it makes for a good read. Contact me on Twitter @gracekindredda

  3. We are so lucky to have clean drinking water. We take these things for granted!

    1. I agree with you. Most of the time we forget the importance of conserving water. We think that it will always be abundant we are oblivious to the fact that its slowly disappearing.

  4. Irish people were already burdened by the taxes and now water bills. But then, world over, public funded utility services are rapidly going into private hands because of inability of the government to invest in these services for long term.

    I hope Irish Water turns out to be a successful experiment not only for the company but more for the Irish people.

  5. Hello, That's shocking topic you have shared here. We are very lucky as we have clean drinking water. This project is going to be supported by issuing a never before seen water fee for all water usage. But those people of the town of Boyle, in County Roscommon in the western part of Ireland are having to boil their tap water due to the fact that it is practically toxic to drink.

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  7. Although this sounds like a horrible situation, it is probably the beginning of a considerably better situation for the entire population. This bacteria is more than likely not the only contaminant in the water and having government run water purification should take care of other water issues that may have existed for quite some time.

    Also this will mean that the water quality will be monitored from now on to keep the water safe rather than just putting a band aid on the currant problem.

    With the assurance of healthy water supplied by a new water treatment facility, focus can then turn to other issues that need attention. Hopefully this will turn out to be a good thing in the end.

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