Wednesday, October 28, 2009

GMDA - Association of Groundwater Management Districts

If you're interested in groundwater I might suggest you visit the Groundwater Management Districts Association - a non-profit organization established to provide groundwater developers, users, owners and other individuals and organizations concerned with the management, development, conservation and protection of groundwater, the opportunity to exchange ideas, develop or influence programs for the development, utilization, conservation, protection and management and control of groundwater; and in furtherance thereof the Association shall endeavor:

a) To be informed of and exchange ideas on current trends and problems as they affect groundwater, including those which have, or may have, technical, legal, administrative and economic implications.

b) To review and analyze methods and techniques employed by members and their associates in conducting studies and research on management of groundwater and in designing and obtaining solutions to problems associated therewith.

c) To review, analyze, propose and influence legislation and policy as they affect groundwater.

d) To evaluate activities and plans of governmental bodies and other organizations and associations as they relate to groundwater and to take appropriate action.

e) To develop and propose joint or coordinated plans of action to meet national, interstate and/or regional groundwater problems and needs, including affiliations or memberships in other similar organizations or associations.

f) To assess and encourage, as appropriate, the conjunctive use and management of both surface water and groundwater supplies with due consideration for the unique and limiting properties of each resource.

g) To foster the general public's knowledge and appreciation for the economic advantages of private enterprise and development of groundwater.

h) To promote orderly and equitable development, conservation and management of groundwater through local government.

GMDA also maintains a historical web site for the association that is more about the past, but it has a lot of interesting material as well.



  1. Thanks for cluing me in to this organization Wayne. I'm not familiar with them, but look forward to perusing their website.

  2. Chris: GMDA is a small group of normally 30-35 local groundwater management districts largely from Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Texas, and Mississippi. From time to time we've had a smattering of district memberships from other states (CA, WY, FL, AR) but these districts find it harder to participate. If you are interested, let me know. We have 4 membership levels - Individual @ $25/yr; Affiliate @ $125/yr; Organizational @ $250/yr and District @ $350/yr. We routinely hold conferences in other states to attract interest, but it seems most groundwater folks in these other states are so busy with their own problems that they don't take the time to really look at what others are doing about the very same problems. Our information and program sharing is very strong. In fact, we've been to Arizona at least 3 times in the past, Nevada 4 times and recently in New Mexico. Anyway, always a pleasure to hear from you. Wayne.