Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I participated in twitter's #Agchat last night since the discussion topic was water.  What an experience!  Probably 100 or so avid #Agchat folks offering insights into water and ag issues - many times simultaneously.

If you've never stopped in, maybe you should give it a try.  The person moderating posts a question that either they pose or has been submitted by one of the participants via twitter - pertaining to the stated topic. Then the comment and discussion begins and you'd better be a fast reader and an even faster texter. The positive aspects of the process are:

1)  Some of the folks have some really useful information they provide;
2)  The entire discussion is normally captured and made available for reflection;
3)  The participants are available for further discussion if necessary;
4)  The participants usually span the entire country; and
4)  The ability to follow any of them via twitter broadens your info-net greatly.

The negative aspects are:

1)  The conversation can be difficult to follow in real time;
2)  The technology doesn't always cooperate; and
3)  With only 134 spaces many ideas are hard to articulate effectively.

All-in-all I enjoy the sessions I have attended.  You don't always have to participate although the moderator usually wants you to introduce yourself upon arrival - and they strive for professional comment and conduct.

If interested, #Agchat (strongly focuses on advocating for all things ag) happens each Tuesday evening from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern time and you'll want to use a twitter application like twubs or tweetchat to join so that you can see all the comments.

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