Friday, March 26, 2010

Kansas GMD Managerial History

For the Kansas groundwater folks that might be interested, I have put together a personnel roster (in chronological order) of all the GMD managers since the GMD's were authorized back in 1975 - a little stroll down memory lane if I can be indulged.

Western Kansas GMD 1 (Green district - Scott City, KS) has had two active managers: Keith Lebbin and currently David Brenn.

Equus Beds GMD 2 (Pink district - Halstead, KS) has employed the following managers:  Tom Bell; Mike Dealy; Lee Wheeler and currently Tim Boese.

Southwest Kansas GMD 3 (Yellow district - Garden City, KS):  David Pope; Rick Illgner; Gary Baker; Steve Frost; Hank Hansen and currently Mark Rude.

Northwest Kansas GMD 4 (Blue district - Colby, KS):  This is the GMD I work for, and I have been the only manager.   Since I am the only remaining original GMD manager in Kansas, I guess it's up to me to record this bit of Kansas groundwater trivia.

Big Bend GMD 5 (Orange district - Stafford, KS):  Rick Sloan; Ralph Davis and currently Sharon Falk.

If more history of the GMD's would be of interest, comment back on this post as to what you'd like to see presented.

Update - posted April 13, 2011:  Wes Essmiller now manages GMD 5 with the departure of Sharon Falk in the Summer of 2010.

Update - posted July 26, 2011:  Jan King now manages GMD 1 with the departure of David Brenn in June, of 2011.

Update - Orrin Feril now manages GMD 5 with the departure of Wes Essmiller in the Summer of 2012.

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