Friday, January 21, 2011

An 1896 Editorial on Wisconsin Groundwater for Schools

Also in my home library is a bound set of The Outlook magazines from December, 1895 through November, 1896.  Chock full of interesting articles, advertisements and much, much more.  I ran across the following article in the Home Club section of the August, 29, 1896 edition (no author cited):

"Water-Supply to Schools

Investigation into the conditions of the water-supply of the country schools in Wisconsin revealed five wells out of one hundred as yielding pure water.  It is true that God made the country and man made the town, but it is equally true that man has done his best by greed and ignorance to spoil what God has made.  Imagine the effect on some school committeemen of demanding an investigation into the condition of the school supply of water !  Imagine the presentation of a bill before the town authorities for the scientific care of the supply and waste of water at the school-house !  It takes brains to see the relation between the loss through sickness and death and the sanitary conditions surrounding the school-house."

I guess you can't argue with the author's logic - especially since no author is listed.  Anyway, I hope things have improved in Wisconsin since then.

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