Sunday, January 2, 2011

Groundwater Management Districts to Meet

January 12-14, 2011 the Groundwater Management Districts Association (GMDA) will meet in San Antonio, TX for their 36th annual conference.  The Hotel Drury on the Riverwalk will host the affair.  Our GMD, the Northwest Kansas Groundwater Management District No. 4 has been involved in this association since its inception in 1976.

There are over 30 local GMD's from 7 or 8 states in the association, so the scope of groundwater issues and approaches is pretty well covered. It often amazes me how similar Kansas' groundwater issues are with those of Mississippi, and how different they are as well.  One thing is for sure, meeting from time to time to discuss groundwater issues is an excellent way to view the groundwater world from a variety of perspectives.

The varying legal approaches to groundwater over the participating states does make for some interesting discussions.  What other states are doing with and about their groundwater resources must always be filtered through that state's groundwater statutes before being considered in your own state.  This can be a challenge at times.  However, these comparisons are always productive in my opinion.

If you're interested in groundwater, you may want to consider looking into GMDA.  Two links for further information are:  GMDA Main Website and GMDA History Link  Visit the main website for specific conference information.  I hope to see you in San Antonio.

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