Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Always Amazed!

I am always amazed at how many folks out there manage to stumble upon the lowliest water blog of them all - mine.  Our blog "Wisdom in Water, please.."  was originally intended to be a journal of GMD 4 activities as we scrabble through the enhanced management process in our high priority areas - breaking new ground with almost every step.  But I have to admit, this process doesn't move quite fast enough to captivate much interest, so, I've branched off and have been blogging on other items as well.

Our blog was getting about 15 visits per day, but over the past weeks our traffic has increased to about 30 visits per day.  To all the folks that come in, I want to express my appreciation.  I hope a few of you are gaining some additional knowledge you didn't have before you stopped. 

I do like the Visitors gadget I have to admit.  It grows a bit every day, with this one being today's cummulative tally - since Decembr 8 when I added it.  I am intrigued by the lone visitor from the area east of Madagascar, though.  Yeah, the one about a thousand miles east.  I'm not sure if that red dot covers one of the Mauritius Islands, happens to be someone linking in from a sailing vessel, or, is just a porpoise with an iPad, but it looks interesting none-the-less.  With my luck it's from a misplaced band of Somoli pirates looking for information about my next Indian Ocean excursion!  In any event, if you have suggestions about other water-related issues I should be blogging about, let me know.  Thanks again. 


  1. I post your blog to the Water Reddit,, and they do quite well given our tiny readership!

  2. Wainstead: I have noticed several posts on Water Reddit and appreciate the posting you do. It never occurred to me that this was the reason for the extra traffic! I buzz into Water Reddit just about every week to see what's new as I enjoy the accumulated water articles - saves a lot of time - for me at least. Thanks for the comment and the posts!