Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cool Oklahoma Water Website

I ran across a pretty cool water website in the state of Oklahoma... excuse me... in the "United State Of OklaH2Oma" which is worth a visit I think.  It is almost exclusively video driven, but is very well done with high quality pictures and videos.  It was created by the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, and really pushes all the water buzz word buttons I've ever heard.

Through video statements offered to music and water scenes, many prominent Oklahoma water folks offer up the seven essentials to water in Oklahoma - which incidentally - make up the elements of their current state water plan.  The overriding themes of the site are to meet every Oklahoman's water needs while remaining sustainable and allowing every Oklahoman to participate in the process with a seat at the water policy table. The sub-themes of rural and urban growth, drought protection and expanded agriculture are prominent as well.

If I had any qualms at all it'd be a question of whether all these things are possible over the entire state all at the same time - that is without some new water coming into the system.  There is of course no mention of needing new supplies, or where any new water would come from, but I'm pretty sure their message precludes any Oklahoma water going anywhere else.  All this said without even mentioning Tarrant County, Texas!  I also wonder if a more realistic rendering of the state's water realities might actually do the Oklahoma state water planning process more good than not.

Regardless of what I think (or think I think) it is a really nice site with lots of visuals to WOW the visitor.  Sure makes Oklahoma look spectacular while issuing an almost spiritual set of heartwarming messages.  I hope they can pull it off.

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