Friday, May 10, 2013

Another Abandoned Well Tale

It was late October last year and CJ was out alone very early Saturday morning (1:30 A.M.) rabbit hunting of all things, near Merritt Island, Florida.  His next step would be onto an old piece of plywood that was covering an abandoned well that he never knew was there.  The fall wasn't too far, but the 12 feet of cold dirty water in the bottom sure made things difficult for him - being fully dressed and all.

He started screaming for help but at that time of night, it turned out to be pretty hopeless. He worked at keeping his head above water by using several methods - each as equally exhausting as the one before it - and was beginning to think the end was near after getting no help.  He took up screaming once more when daylight arrived.

His luck would change, however, when by 10:00 A.M. a man walking his dog heard the distress calls and called 911.  By 10:30 A.M. - after nine hours of cold, clinging and clutching - the firefighters arrived with a ladder to help him out.  Just another reminder that abandoned wells pose threats to our groundwater resources and ourselves at some point in their existence.  Don't let it happen any more.  Know of an abandoned well?  Contact someone to take care of it permanently.  The landowner or a local official (City, Township or County) would be good first calls.  Environmental agencies or even law enforcement might also be options.  No question about it, CJ was a very lucky man that night even though he bagged not a single rabbit.

Finally, if you're interested in these tales of abandoned wells, click on the "wells and accidents" link at the bottom of this article or on the Blogs Label List just to the right of the visitors Cluster Map.  There you'll find all the wells and accidents posts I've done to date - all in one place.  The Blog Label List is alphabetical, so keep scrolling down to very near the bottom to find the "wells and accidents" link.  Enjoy.

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