Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Passing the Gavel

The board of directors of our groundwater management district have hired a new person who will be starting work next week.  The new position is a manager trainee slot which will assume the district manager duties when I retire in the next few months.  By way of introduction, the successful candidate is Katherine Wilkins-Wells.  She is a recent graduate of Colorado State University who will be moving to Colby from Fort Collins, CO.  I am pleased to have the chance to get her acclimated and trained over the next several months.  So much to do and so little time... 

One of the interesting questions I have is the fate of this Blog.  Will she want to continue it as part of her duties?  Or jettison it as soon as possible?  We didn't really discuss it during the interview process since the Blog has always been my personal contribution/diversion.  The board has always been aware of the fact that I have been doing it, but they never really formally sanctioned it.  I do know the blog medium well enough to know that it's certainly not for everyone.

Anyway, I'll offer it to her, but it will be her choice to keep it or not.  My guess is that I'll keep it up and running until I leave, but we'll just have to wait and see thereafter.  Regardless, it's been a pleasure scouring for water-topics and taking stabs at presenting them in interesting ways - at least as interesting as I could manage.  I tried to keep it varied, any way.

If you'd like to weigh in on the topic of continuing the Blog or not, please feel free to do so with an appropriate comment.  With a little bit of luck, the comments may give Katherine some helpful direction (and maybe even some encouragement).  In any event, stay tuned...  


  1. Wayne - I don't know what your retirement plans might be, but I'll selfishly hope you find a way to keep writing about water issues. We benefit greatly.

    1. John: How kind of you to post such a wonderful comment! Now you make my future decision just that much more difficult. I appreciate the sentiment very much. WAB.