Friday, July 12, 2013

Water in Pictures - by a Pro

Back in August, 2012 I wrote a brief article on Edward Burtynsky (see here), a Canadian photographer who did full blown photographic art shows.  It was anticipated then that his next series would be on WATER.  Well the wait will soon be over.  His WATER show will open October 5, 2013 in New Orleans and will include 60 photos depicting man's epic struggles with this vital resource.  See more details here.

It's kind of funny because back in August I (tongue in cheek) said that I hoped his depiction of Ogallala water use would NOT be the standard aerial photo of a collage of center pivot circles on the plains.  Well surprise, surprise!  He did include at least one Ogallala photo - from the air - of center pivot circles - on the plains - of Texas!   It is shown here, but it certainly is not by any means the standard photo I expected.  I'm pretty sure Mr. Burtynsky was struck by the very peculiar triangle shape left by the operation of the two intersecting pivots.  In fact, I'm pretty sure most folks will be struck as well, as I'm guessing there are only a few people in the world who actually know what's going on with these two pivots. 

Our office has been taking bets on the deeper meaning of it all.  The options thus far are:  1) The producer is a 12 degree Freemason and quite proud of it; 2) he's trying to communicate with terrestrials - most likely signaling for rain; 3) he's growing a nice patch of weed; or 4) it's the only way he can keep the two pivots from crashing into each other.  Any other guesses?

All joking aside, the Burtynsky WATER show is depicting the seriousness of our world's water situation and needs honest reflection by us all.  It runs through January 19, 2014, so if you're intrigued by WATER or want to reflect on it all, think about taking this one in.  I won't be able to make it, so I'm also hoping he'll post the series on his webpage following the initial show in New Orleans.  Everyone needs water...

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